Monday, July 13, 2015

Indiana Weekend! Day 1

We just got home from a wonderful, fun and exciting weekend.  We stayed with Candie (a great friend from college) and her husband, JJ.  From St. Louis to Montgomery, Indiana it was about a 4+ hour drive.  You do lose an hour once you his Haysville, Indiana.  Once we got there, they had dinner waiting for us.  Candie made a vegetable dish while JJ grilled marinated turkey breasts.  Oh my and they were delicious.  After dinner was finished, we went over to Dinky's Auction Center.  They auctioned anything and everything you could think of.  They had a flower, odds and ends, lumber, outdoor, and livestock auction.  There was also places where you could just purchase things like food, junk, fishing poles, and baked goods. 
They were auctioning off little piglets.  They went for $6 a pig!
This is where Candie and I spent most of our time.  We liked to play a game if we were not bidding things.  We liked to guess how much things would go for and "trick" the guys and tell them we bought junk for a ridiculous price.  I ended up buying a quilt rack for $35.  I was so excited and it kinda give you a rush of excitement. 

After paying for all of our winnings we headed back to the camper.  There was a local party spot that was playing kareoke, so we decided to go listen for a little white.

Candie and I sipped wine while the boys enjoyed their cold beer.  When they singers were done, we headed back to the camper once again and finished the bottle of wine and talked outside as we enjoyed the weather outside.  


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