Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Indiana Trip Day 2!

After waking up from a long night of laughter, Candie made us breakfast.  She is a wonderful cook.  She made us gluten-free pancakes.  You couldn't tell a difference between the gluten-free and the regular ones.  They were delicious.  After breakfast, the boys headed out for fishing while the ladies were getting ready for antique shopping and local grocery store shopping.

We first went to The Bargain Barn.  This is Amish ran and filled with Amish foods.  They were so cheap and they had so many different things.   I ended up getting a bag of marshmallows, like the ones in Lucky Charms; I just couldn't resist!

Then we went to a couple antique shops.  I could seriously spend all day in there!  I ended up purchasing an old John Deere metal sign for the garage, an H paperweight, a pitcher, and some homemade melted waxes.

After antiques, we went to Windy Knoll Winery.  Oh my it was a wonderful time.  I also found out that I like Indiana wine better than Missouri.  I enjoy sweet whites better. And John does like wine too.  He's a man's man and loves his beer.  I was surprised when he actually hit the "cellar" to pick up wine before me. The women working there were a blast too.  We learned a lot about their wines and kept us giggling the entire time.  After having maybe a little too much wine (Don't worry we had a responsible diver.  Thank JJ!)

I ended up purchasing this awesome wine bottle coozie.  No need for a glass anymore! ;)
We got ready and headed to the concert on the camp ground for Sammy Kershaw.

It was a great time and sang along with the songs that we did know.

JJ was singing "Queen of my Double-wide Trailer" to Candie.  After the concert, we went back to the camper for a few minutes, then headed out to the local beer garden / after-party.  We were not there for long, (like an hour) then left and went back home for some sleep.


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