Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Indiana Trip Day 3

When we woke up from a long light, Candie was up cooking breakfast already. She is an amazing cook. She made us cheesy eggs and turkey bacon. From there we ventured out and she showed us some of the backr oads. We drove up to see Jug Rock
You can kind of see it. We were just parked off the highway. We didn't feel like walking down the path at the time. There was a lot of flooding, so it was still a little muddy. Then from there we went to go test the speed of some gokarts. We went to  French Lick West Baden Indoor Karting.  Oh man was it fun.  I'm not much of a speed demon, but Candie kicked my butt (lapped me twice!) and John did a little bit (lapped me once).  But it was a good time.  I recommend going there.  It has something for all ages.  They have the main course (which we were on), a small kiddy one, and a drifting one. I didn't see the drifting one, but Candie and JJ said it was really cool.  There is also a huge arcade for people to play at.  After that we went to 33rd Brick Street .  I ended up getting the Chicken Ranch Wrap with fries.  It was really good.  I enjoyed it.  I even made sure I had leftovers so I could have it again!  Then we decided to go to a cute wood works shop we seen across the street.  The lady working was super nice.  She overheard us talking about heading to the French Lick winery next.  They have a deal where if you get a card and get 4 shops (listed on the card) to sign it, you get a free gift.  The shops were really close to one another, so we decided to go for it.  The shops were higher end priced shops.  Two of the shops were handmade rock jewelry (not my cup of tea but really cool to look at.)  So after our adventure, we finally headed to French Lick Winery. I truly love the wine here.  It's so sweet.  We tasted just about everything and the walked out with 3 more bottles. 
 They had a band playing and large seating area where you could sip wine and order food from the kitchen.  It was really nice.  They also had a little outside seating area.  It was WAY too hot to enjoy though.  After that we packed up, said our see you soons, and headed home.  It was so hard to leave.  John and I really enjoyed spending the weekend with them.  I always feel like we never have enough time.  But we are already planning our next adventure together, so hopefully we will see them this fall again.

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